Fast Street Legal Cars

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There are 2 camps in the drg racing world. Some people like import Korean or Japanese cars. Some others prefer American cars from General Motors Ford or Chrysler. These eople like 4 cylinder cars with a turbo or a superchargeer bolted onto theri engine. Other ways to gain more horsepower incli]ude the use of oversize cams or cranks that still fit into the existing engine block.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Other people liike myself prefer an inline 6 cylinder engine  or a V6 or V8  engines . These engine produce more horse power than the 4 cylinder wihout the use of a turbo or a supoercharger. The crfanks and camshafts used in h\hese engines are longer and heavier than those found in the 4 cylinder. The extra cylinders give youn the obvious power advantage over the 4 cylinder. 6 and 8 cylinder enfines use biggger fuel tanks than d\the 4 cylinder. It is also possible to use more powerful coil packs i n either set oif cars. Larger volume fuel pumops also help make both sets of cars faster.                                                      It is my opinion that 4 cylindre cars are gooid A to B transporrtation. I prefer to use the inline 6 ctylinder or V6 or V6 for the drag track is a better and faster. There are othe possible wats to increase slped as well. . 

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