How to Build Your own Street Legal Race Car

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Most people myself included do not ahve the budget to own mutiple cars. So you have the option of making a street legal car a “race car” that you can still use as your everyday point A to B daily driver. By this I mean that i think you should purchase a car that can be fast in the 1/4 mile at the local drag strip but is still a daily driver.                                                                                  It is up to the driver what type of car they want to use. As I said before somew people prefer the 4 cylinder ecionbox with a turbo or a supercharger on it.  Others like mysellf prefer the inline 6 cylinder or the V6 or V8. First i think thag you need to get either type of car with a basocally sound engine and transmisson. Second you have to decide if you want to tear down your car or just go with some bolt on parts to increase your speed. If you decide to tear down your car you should fiind out if an engine rebuilding kit is avaialable for your car. Most of these kits include a new cranksshaft cam shaft and valves and pistons. They alos should include all new gakets such as transmiion pan oill pan and cylider head.                                                    It is also an option to have your cars existing crankshat camshaft and cylinder head  sent out to a machine shop . After the engine as benn machind it is necessary to begin engine reassembly. New gaskets should be installed for your cylinder head or heads. New rings should be put on your pistons.. Aslo the new or machined crankshaft and camshaft into your engine block. After these steps a new belt or chain must be installed on your crankshaft or camshaft.                                               The next step is to install the engine into the vehicle.  After it is instaled and mounted coreectly, the belt driven accessories can be installed. The engine intake manifold should be installed prior to installation the maifold area should be clleaned New oil and filter must also be out into your engine, Dyno teting is also an option. If this vehicle is oyur daily driver as well it should be brooken in for 500 miles befoe being race.                                                                                                                  Bolt o n accressories are another way to increase your engiine speed. By bpolot on  accesssories i mean a turbo or superchager. Another possibily is a new computer contro,l for your engine. These are just some ofthe possiblie ways to build a street legal race car. . 

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