Instaliing a used transmission

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IIty is not thaty difficult  toinstall a used transmission is not that difficult with the proper equipmentg, it is recomended to doi the jobonly when you have accesss to a lift thje car off of the floor. Drive the car over the lift. Pull out the arms of the lift out. next step is to lift the car at its proper contact points. Most front wheel drive cars can be lifted via the pinch welds.                            Rear wheel drive cars and light trucks have a frame and can be lifted by using the proper contact points on the vehile frame.After the car is up off of the floor it is necessary to get an adjustablej jack stand to support the engine of the vehicle.                        Used engines and transmioons can be found for a reasonable price at a local junkyard. First tell thrm the year make and mdel of your vehicleAter ypu get the part it is necessarty to unbolt the bell housing bolts from the back or side of the engone. If the car is front wheel drive you must fiirst disconnect the strut fro  the sterring knuckle. It is nessary to suooort the brakes with a wire hanger or a bungee cord. If the car is front wheel drive it is required to remove the axle shat from the vehicle.                                                                                                                                                                                                  If the v=car is rear whjel drive it is necessary to disconnect the uniiversal joints and remove the drive shaft from the back orf the transsmission. In most rear whel drive cars the rear is supportted by the leaf sp;ings.                                                         If one is avasilable the use of a adjustablle transmiion oe engine jack is very helpful After properly supporting the eigine and removing the bolts carefully place the old transmision on the jack  It is better to work with 1 or 2 other people, 1 operson can steady the jack whielk the other helps to operate the jack.                                                                                                      Next place the new transmisikon onto the jack sand raise it tio the vehicle. Once the transmiion is raied up to the vehivcle line uo the bolt hole in the transmiion and the engine. Tigghten the bolts to the requreed sapecifications found in the vehicle service manual or on All DAta. The next step is to reintall the universal joint and drive shafdt. Before using the traansmioons. It is reccommended, that a new pan gasket is intalled.                                                                                                            If the transmiion has a drain plug drain the fluid from the drain plug. If no drain plug is available then remove several bolts from either the right or left side of the pan to allow the old fluid to drain. Then completly remove the trans pan from the bottom of the transmission. Be sure to get the old gasket and sealer off of the pan and new transmission. Replace the old gasket with a new one and tighten the pan bolts. Next find out what kind of fluid that it required. Next it is suggested that the mounting brackets and bolts be installed. The final step is to reinstall the drive shaft. This in general are the required steps to install a transmission.

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